White Kitchens That WOW

Tip #1:

White is timeless. White is classic. White is elegant. When designing a white kitchen there are many factors that can help your design stand out. You can add pops of color throughout the kitchen if you are someone who needs a little pizazz. Another unique tip when designing a white kitchen, is mixing up the finishes! A little brass here, a little black  there. You can get a totally different feel for a space just by adding a different finish to the mix. 

Tip #2:

Add a different type of wood to the interior of your cabinets. With our custom cabinetry manufacturer you can get all walnut interiors for your white cabinets. This dresses up the kitchen, adding some warm contrast that is beautiful to the eye. Stop in our showroom at 416 E Mitchell St. Petoskey to see this in person. 

Tip #2:

Add accent cabinetry colors – Maybe you aren’t fond of an all white kitchen, but the idea of a white kitchen that has a little more character too it isn’t so scary. No worries! This is when you could add a natural wood island, or a painted cabinet for the island. This could add a whole different aesthetic to your space. 

But which white to choose?

White is crisp and clean!  Working with pre-finished cabinet materials is a daunting task for the mediocre carpenter.  White cabinetry will show all installation flaws and smudges.  When installing a white kitchen, a very skilled craftsman is necessary.  Someone who knows how to make a perfect compound-mitred cut on your crown moulidng will make a big difference with how satisfied you are with your finished project.  A lot of “kitchen designers” can sell you white cabinets, but make sure they can delivery the fit and finish you are investing in. 

Further, living with a white Kitchen can be disappointing if the quality of the painted finish is not what you were expecting.  While some cabinets can be easily scratched and show wear and tear, I seek out custom cabinet manufacturer’s that invest in multi-million dollar baking ovens that oven cure the paint and catalyzed top coats to ensure a very durable, very livable finish in all of our white Kitchens.   

With the right finish and the right craftsman- you can create an outstanding white kitchen that will be timeless and easy to live with.